Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lake Los Carneros

Went on an outing to one of the interesting birding sites in our area, Lake Los Carneros in Goleta.  It did not disappoint, there was plenty of things to watch.  So much so that I only made it halfway around the lake before it was time to go.

This American Kestrel was nice and cooperative, sitting still and posing nicely for me.

Out on the lake the Ruddy Ducks were showing their breeding colors to nice effect.

 There are usually a few California Thrashers to be seen and heard, today was no exception.

The real highlight of the day was the White-tailed Kite.  Although generally scarce, these birds live and breed here so they are usually present.  I was lucky enough to see this one arriving with a rodent (vole, probably) held firmly in talons.  It landed nearby and proceeded to have a feast!

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